Too Much and Never Enough

What a parade of un-godly meanness!

Page after page of greed, self-obsession and pure wilful spite, as observed by a younger niece of Donald Trump.  It’s short – a little over 200 pages – and resolutely un-salacious. No Russian prostitutes, porn stars or ‘grabbing’. What you have instead is an account of a life lived in and around the Trump family orbit and, in particular, the ruthlessly unemotional ethos of Fred Trump, Donald’s father.

Critics will say Mary L Trump is grinding an axe and getting her own back. Maybe she is – and if she is I wouldn’t blame her for one second after reading this account of the things that happened. But I think she’s doing more. A qualified psychologist, she’s shining a light on the emotional barbarities that destroyed her father and helped create the humourless, vindictive and, at his core, very scared little boy who currently happens to be the president of the United States.

She’s offering an object lesson in how to take the innocence of a child and gradually, deliberately, twist and corrupt it out of all recognisable shape. Until all that’s left is a raging, totally-self-absorbed thirst for wealth, reputation and power that will never, ever be quenched.

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