All Those Moments

A brisk enjoyable autobiography that will have you scratching your head when you reach the final page and thinking, ‘Um, didn’t he make a few more films?’

I exaggerate, but not too much. RH describes his early pre-acting years, initial Dutch films and his first foray to Hollywood (and tangles with Sylvester Stallone’s ego on Nighthawks. He follows it up with interesting chapters on Blade Runner; Ladyhawke; The Hitcher and The Legend of the Holy Drinker. And then…

… it sort of stops. There’s talk about a few other films and a chapter on his Starfish Association, a charity he set up to help those living with AIDS and HIV. You won’t find out anything about his apparent feud with Paul Verhoeven, or much about the films they made in the Netherlands before he went to Hollywood. It all rather reads as though he began with vigour, then just slowly lost interest and stopped.

I liked it. It’s a good read. But what I’d really like to read now is a biography of Rutger Hauer.

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