The Monster Who Wasn’t

Nobody can agree on what to do with an imp who’s half-laugh, half-sigh and who looks like a human boy. The king of the ogres wants to eat him. The three gargoyles who rescue him think he’ll be great at stealing chocolate for them.

It’s little things like the chocolate that make this book fun. (Not to mention the statues in the church that have to be careful not to be seen talking to our hero. Or the great-aunt not put out in the slightest by the fact that she’s talking to an imp.) Personally, I could have done more with the gargoyles outside the Underworld (although the climax down there is vivid and rousing). But I see there’s a follow-up adventure planned, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

If you – or your children – like Cornelia Funke’s books, I think you’ll love this.

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