Jacob’s Room Is Full of Books

In which Susan Hill follows on from Howards End Is on the Landing. That was structured around the books in her house she hadn’t read, and the year she spent reading them. This one flutters happily from what she likes to read, to stories about writers she knows or likes, to random musings on e-readers and the natural world outside her front door in Norfolk. And again, it all takes places over the course of a year.

Writing about the companion volume, I noted that many of the writers she idolizes are ones I have no time for. And that still stands; I couldn’t get through a book by George Eliot if you held a gun to my head. But here she mentions a lot of writers I do like; Raymond Chandler and Catherine Storr, to name just two. Not that it matters. This book is as readable and enjoyable as its predecessor, and I’d recommend it as highly as I recommended that one.

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