Two Kinds of Truth

I’d be repeating myself if I said anything more about Michael Connelly than I’ve said here. All I can really do is note that this book is really two kinds of story.

In one, Harry Bosch solves a double murder and Goes Undercover! There’s a lot of fascinating detail about how an illegal OxyContin-buying ring works, but that doesn’t really stop this strand being a fairly standard Going Undercover plot with an Indiana Jones-style fight in a plane to round it all off. In the second, he’s hit with an accusation of tainted evidence in the conviction of a murderer. His half-brother, the Lincoln Lawyer, comes to his aid and his arguments in court in getting the whole case thrown out do provide some fireworks.

Both strands work, and the whole thing’s all very readable but, when you’re finished, you can’t quite escape the feeling that MC’s offered up ideas for two short books and rolled them up into one big one.

With not entirely satisfactory results.

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